2008 Sebeka® Chenin Blanc "Steen"

2008 Sebeka South Africa Chenin Blanc "Steen" is a vibrant wine with a bright, green- gold color that dances with flavors of freshly cut pineapple, grapefruit, and quince. With a very fine palate and full-flavored middle and fresh cleansing acidity, Chenin Blanc "Steen" embodies the same youthful characteristics of a young cheetah. This full bodied wine, with a fruitful taste and delicate hints of honey on the finish, pairs well with shell-fish and light seafood dishes. Traditionally, South African "Steen" has been known as some of the world’s finest. With intense citrus bursts and a crisp texture, Sebeka has created a Chenin Blanc "Steen" that lives up to the world class reputation of this varietal.

To craft the 2008 Sebeka South Africa Chenin Blanc "Steen," Chenin Blanc grapes were used; 75% came from dry-grown bush vines and 25% came from the Worcester area, both in the Cape Province. They were carefully picked, gently de-stemmed prior to membrane-pressing, and given 24 hours of cold-setting to ensure that the bright, clean juice was able to ferment at cool temperatures, approximately 16°C. Following fermentation, the wines were stored cold to preserve the fresh tropical fruit flavor. The growing season was unusually cold with excellent spring rainfall. This ensured that grapes were able to ripen fully without dehydrating or suffering from the late summer heat-waves.

Grape Varieties
100% Chenin Blanc
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